This Was Me Last Night….

This was me last night ..

In the middle of nowhere which is everywhere.
I love to get lost where no one can find me.
It’s there I find a deeper truth.

There’s a deep paradox to transformation few seem to realize.
Whatever we push against we make stronger
Whatever we resist, we harden and fortify.
Whatever we’re focusing on not wanting we see more of.

To be a channel for transformation we must access the deepest wellspring of power that lies inside us.
Radical responsibility.
Did you think the power lies somewhere outside of you?

Take a walk through the forest.
The same creative lifeforce that the runs through the trees, and the roaring rivers, the black bear, the fireflies, and the twilight sky.
That very same life force runs through you.
That’s how powerful and creative you are.

So what wants to be created through you?

Go deep into the essence of who you really are.

When the mental reactivity subsides, the pure, creative power of transformation arises.

You won’t find this wisdom in today’s new headlines.

This is a teaching more ancient than time.

– Brian Piergrossi
Creator of The Big Glow,
Personal Life Coach, Nonduality Teacher, Tantric Jedi, Author, Podcaster, Healer, Comedian

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