Wisdom Wednesdays 40: Uncle Big Glow’s Advice on Travel

Greetings and welcome to week 40 of Wisdom Wednesdays.

Kids, big and small, gather around the campfire tonight! Uncle Big Glow has some advice for you. Your parents are going to tell you that the best way to learn is to pursue a higher education. This may be good for you but Uncle Big Glow has his own advice for you. Listen close:

If you really want to learn, if you want to acquire wisdom, knowledge and a depth of understanding about the world and most importantly about yourself, travel. Get out and see the world.
Experience different cultures, climates, people and places
Spend some time in the country
and some time in city
Spend time in villages
and small towns
Walk through the streets at night when everyone is asleep and ask the stars deep questions.
Spend some time in the quiet stillness of the desert at night and listen to the lonely coyotes howl
Play futbol with kids in the back alleys of European sunsets
Commune with lush forests
Swim in lakes
Wash yourself off in rivers
Sleep by the ocean
Pray on huge mountaintops
Dance to exotic music
Taste foreign foods
Sit around campfires and sing songs late at night with hillbillies and rednecks
Kiss girls with strange names
Take longs hikes and talk to the plants and animals
Make friends with big blue butterflies in tropical rainforests
Hang out with thieves and murderers, (but not so long that you become one)

Feed homeless people
Talk with them
Hug them

Talk to strangers, (especially the weird ones)
Visit different churches and temples
Spend some time in very poor neighborhoods and spend some in very rich neighborhoods. Pay attention to how the poor people are often more happy and light-hearted than the rich people and ask yourself why
Hang out in biker bars and strip clubs
Definitely spend some time in the ghetto and laugh with the brothers on the street corner
Always talk to truckers
Flirt with prostitutes
Pick up hitchhikers
Sip wine in fancy hotels
Spend time with indigenous peoples and listen to the elders
Every once in a while, shop at Walmart

You don’t even need to travel that far to widen your perspective and deepen your understanding.

Spend time with that girl across town your parents told you not to spend time with. She will teach you all kinds of things.
Get to know your neighbors
Drive home from work a different way
Walk down streets in your neighborhood you’ve never walked down before
Sleep outside by the railroad tracks

Begin to take notice of all the things right around you every day that you fail to notice and have gratitude for

Notice that wherever you go in the world, the moon is always with you taking different colors, forms and shapes each evening,
Just like God is always with you taking different forms, colors and shapes each evening.

Kids, big and small, as Indiana Jones once said, “If you wanna be a good archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library.”

-Brian Piergrossi
The Big Glow


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