Are You Available? It’s the Only Question

It’s twilight here. The sky is a dark, purplish magic. The soundtrack has changed.
The crickets have begun singing in perfect rhythm in the idyllic, Blue Ridge mountains.
A slightly cooler breeze now moves moves across my skin. A break from the humid day.

Soon the frogs will be singing in harmony with the crickets. A Sunday night, mountain symphony.

One of my favorite lines from Meister Eckhart came up in my personal coaching session today:
‘God is closer to me than I am to myself’
That’s one to quite literally meditate on.

When we’re provided the safety & sanctuary to rest into the authentic, timeless, essence of who we truly are, is where the deepest, most liberated healing & expansive, transformation occurs.

It’s where an incredible love, & true empowerment, lie, impossible to describe, that transcend the temporary passing conditions.

It’s where insights, inspirations, epiphanies, clear direction & guidance, spontaneously arise to the service.

It’s where we touch the immense miracle that is life, right now.

Whether I’m doing a coaching session, healing session, meditation session, group breathwork session, podcast, week long retreat etc., the intention is the same. To provide that space for you. 🙏

Last night Annie & I had a fantastic breathwork session in Johnson City, TN at Samadhi Healing arts center.
Fifteen people shared the journey with us. Everyone of them brand new to our work except one person.

Someone radiantly shared after the breathwork, with their eyes glistening, that everyone looked different than they did before the journey began.
I Informed him: They look different because you’re different.

When we allow ourselves to let go of the old debris from the past, everything literally looks brighter, more vibrant, colorful, more alive in the here & now. I sometimes call it ‘innocence consciousness’.

I often say, God is always available to you, but are you available to God?

It can feel scary to let go in this way, but it’s worth it.

It’s helpful if someone provides the space for you.

– Brian Piergrossi

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