The Glow from the Open Road (New Video)


Annie and I recently did a six week, cross-country road trip.

We led breathwork workshops, classes, and private sessions across America with great people.

We saw lots of wonderful friends and made new ones along the way. We took in stunningly, beautiful scenery.

I compressed those six weeks into a six minute video for you.

Theres no greater joy than living on purpose, from the deepest call of your heart, spreading love and good vibrations around the world, with your Beloved. I wish this same level of joy & fulfillment for all of you.

(Special thanks to hosts Gwen & Tasja in Lawrence Kansas. Ash Ruiz in Boulder CO. Shawn and Isaac in Crestone CO. Kelly and Briar in Paonia CO. Amber and Matt & the Temple of Wholeness in Encinitas CA, Ishaya and Jon in Verde Village, AZ … and everyone else who attended our events or we crossed paths with along the way. ) Enjoy the video!

Music credits: These are the days Natalie Merchant Warm Love Van Morrison

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