Blessings from the Beach!

We’re back in one of our favorite power spots, Naples, Florida.

There’s a spacious stillness in the frequency of this area, particularly amidst the negative ions along the beach, that we continue to find regenerative & healing in magical ways.

It’s a healthy balance of inspired work & relaxed play for me right now.

I have a such a deep sense of resonance & trust with all my personal coaching clients at the moment.  It’s fantastic!

They each have a deep level of commitment to work through any roadblocks in the way to manifesting their deepest, most aligned, dreams.

It’s so fulfilling to watch them transform their lives, week by week, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, in their work, & in their relationships.

After 17 years doing this work as my highest passion &  purpose, the fire burns brighter than ever!

Please reach out if you’d like support.

I’m also working with couples now, as well as singles who are dating, & seeing beautiful shifts happening there as well.

The power of my mens mastermind group is now a closed container and has been such a humbling & inspiring group to facilitate during these times. I’ll be writing a whole separate post about that soon.

My wife Annie is now seven months pregnant. She looks so beautiful pregnant! We can feel our baby kicking & dancing inside her stomach! What a powerful, sacred journey to behold.

Next month I turn 50!

I’m going to be doing some writing in some key areas from my life experience on the wisdom I’ve learned at 50 .. so stay tuned for that.

Also look out for some  opportunities to connect with me, & other friends, weekly on zoom, in a new podcast project.

Thanks for sharing the journey.


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