The Greatest Superpower in the Universe

If there’s one thing I’ve clearly learned in my life it’s that love is the greatest superpower in the universe.

More powerful than any government or institution.

It can, & will, overcome any obstacle in the most surprising ways.

Love can heal minds, it can heal hearts, & yes, it can even heal bodies.

Love is the miraculous force that brings you to the realization of who you really are & why you’re here on this Earth.

The power of love is what brings us into the ecstatic communion  with our Creator.

Love is what opens our minds, and liberate our hearts to be a humble vessel for the good, the true & the beautiful.

Whenever you feel confused, lost, depressed, hopeless, and you’re trying to find the way out, the best thing to do is love someone.

It could be a child, a dog, a forest, a homeless person, a husband, a wife, a stranger. But love someone.

Love is the super power that will help you find your way home.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mr. & Mrs. P & the precious little one in the womb.

– Brian Piergrossi

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