When God’s love floods you with radiant light, it’s overwhelming, & very disorienting to the ego.

Many will try to do wherever they can do forget it ever happened. Drink, work, surf the Internet, watch TV.

But it did happen!

You’re on the verge of your own death. This can often initially be confused as a physical death. But it’s not a physical death.

It’s a spiritual liberation, so profound, and incomprehensible, yet wondrous, & simple, no words can touch it.

It’s first destructive & then reconstructive. However,  there’s a major difference now.

You’re not the one under the illusion that you’re doing the reconstructing anymore

Love (God) is.

Hence the feeling that what’s happening now is miraculous.

It’s beyond the illusion of your own control.

There’s a supreme creative intelligence.

A beauty undefiled.

Not my will. Thy will be done.

Make my heart a pure channel of your benevolent Presence.

This is what it means to be ‘born again’.

– Brian Piergrossi

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