Love the Great Destroyer!

I suggest thinking of love as more of a process of subtraction than addition.

All the identifications & attachments of the ego, & all your shoulds & shouldn’ts, are going to have to go.

Life will consistently give you the exact situations to bring those egoic attachments and identifications to the surface, providing the continued opportunity to transcend & release them.

Love is, in many ways, a destructive force.

It obliterates all the walls, and barriers, inside, that stand in its way of inner unification, until the pure, innocent, liberated love of this very moment is all that’s left to surge through your veins.

We start the journey into love thinking we’re going to gain something. In reality we’re going to lose everything! It’s then we realize we never wanted anything else anyway.

Like a man who unloads a heavy pack off his back. All we ever wanted was to disappear into the immense, timeless ocean of love.

Unwind your mind.

Become undone in a field of wonder.

Allow the fears, & doubts, & worries, to be transmuted to courageously, & passionately, follow your soul’s unique purpose, moment by moment.
-Brian Piergrossi

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