If I could give only one piece of advice to men

If I could give only one piece of advice to men to change your life, it would be to take as much time as you can to be silent & do nothing.

If you can take five minutes, take five minutes.

If you can take five hours, take five hours.

If you can take five months, take five months.

No reading a book. No podcasts. No meditation techniques. No visualization process. Nothing.

Just silent. Noticing. Watching. Listening.

Be unconditionally present with whatever arises.

Watch the way your mind works, your emotions are conditioned, your body functions.

Watch the natural cycles &  rhythms of the world around you.

Notice the ever-present space from which all that is continuously novel & new arises & falls back into.

You’ll learn so much more this way then you will ever learn reading a book, doing the trendy new biohack, pursuing the latest get-rich quick scheme, or listening to any Instagram influencer.

To truly know yourself you have to make significant time to genuinely be with yourself.

To truly understand this world you have to make ample time to deeply observe it with unbiased, wonder & curiosity.

Divine guidance, & life-changing miracles, are readily available once you’re quiet & still enough to listen.

Then, from the still-point, you can courageously guide, & support others, from the genuine

authority of your own experience.

When you can complete the circle & give back to those who have the same struggles you’ve had, your life becomes a lesson in love.

– Brian Piergrossi

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