Life-Changing Wisdom

I remember, as a young man, the moment the life-changing wisdom about what true wealth is really clicked in my mind & heart.

Though all the TV commercials were telling me that wealth & prosperity comes through holding an increasing number of material possessions, I had this realization, instead, that true wealth came through the number of loving friendships I cultivated.

Instead of making my highest priority the acquisition of material things, I chose a different path from what the TV was telling me.

I, instead, made it a higher priority to spend time deepening with friends & family, near & far.

As we make our annual Winter trip, and we visit with some of those long time friends, and family, I think of all the adventures I’ve had with the people I love, and the adventures still to come.

I think of that path I chose years ago with gratitude & I recommend it to others.

Our highest well-being & fulfillment, & our deepest sense of safety & security, comes not through owning a bunch of inert objects, but rather through family, friendship, community, our connection to
the natural world, & most essentially, our connection with God.

Make the main thing, the main thing.

Love is the main thing. The greatest form of wealth & the greatest security.

-Brian Piergrossi

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