So Many People Don’t Understand Meditation

So many people don’t understand meditation. They think it’s a strategy to get from the present to a better place in the future. They think they’re not doing it right.

They think they need more knowledge so they can master it.

Meditation is never what you think it is.

When it comes to meditation, more knowledge is not the solution.

Meditation doesn’t need to be crossed legs & closed eyes. It’s this breath & a beating heart.

Meditation is not a doing. It’s undoing everything that’s ever been done.

Meditation is not a knowing. It’s unknowing everything that’s ever been known.

You’re noticing a place inside you that exists outside of time.

All that’s left is the unchanging essence, also known as God.

Your only prayer is to be humble, open, empty & available for God’s will to lovingly flow through you, moment by moment, as the universal creative intelligence that designs, & orchestrates, all that is.

You body becomes an electrified instrument for the Song.

When the mind explodes of all its tiny ideas,

the heart bursts open from all its tiny emotions, into the unified field of true love,

you only want what God wants,

As I wrote in my book, The Wow of the Now:

‘When the pillars of my limited mind collapsed

The roof caved in

And I could take in the beauty of the stars.’

The highest meditation is to be present, as humbly as possible, with this moment as if it was divinely & perfectly created.

Not my will. Thy will.

In accessing the deeper inner stillness, the illusions of division are seen through.

What you see

is what you are

& what you are is beautiful.

It’s then you fully understand the dictum to love your neighbor as yourself.

As Hafiz once said:

This place where you are right now

God circled on a map for you!

This is the highest form of meditation & prayer.

May all beings be blessed in realizing who they really are.

-Brian Piergrossi

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