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If I’ve been a little more quiet online this past week there is a reason.

I just finished facilitating a personally guided retreat for a client here in the magical mountains of Asheville North Carolina.

It was an incredible journey of tapping into deep levels of silence, spaciousness and presence, relaxation, aliveness, vitality, communion, creativity, embodiment, masculine/ feminine polarity, and profound levels of swirling ecstasy using individually tailored, scientifically proven, and uniquely designed esoteric practices and exercises… and the power of these mountains.

In creating this space the natural byproduct is we find our center, ground, rejuvenate, heal, decompress, still the mind. open the heart, and revitalize the cells of the body.
We open to the deepest levels of self-realization, inspiration, ecstasy, creativity and empowerment.

Our relationships improve, our finances grow, our work and purpose align with our heart, and our entire life has the potential to regenerate itself in loving service to the whole.

There is a life force that surges through all things, including us. Through learning how to access this charge, we learn how to continually revitalize, renew and inspire the body, mind and heart from a palpable place of continued creativity, clarity, bliss, and optimum functionality

I know so many of us could use a few days away right now.
You are infinitely worthy for self-care and renewal!

Good news. I am available for more personal guided retreats.

I have several different personal retreats styles and focuses. Ultimately the retreat program is tailored, and co-created specifically for you.

If you’re interested to learn more email me at

Retreats take place in the magical Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville North Carolina.
In certain situations I can also come to you.
Length of time varies.

Could you use a personal retreat with me ?
Are you making enough space for self care?
Are you feeling disconnected from nature.

Let me know

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