No More Left Wing or Right Wing

Ok everyone it’s time to choose your team now! 

There’s only two pre-programmed options! 

Remember the other team is your enemy. 

Remember your side is the cause of all the good in the world. The other side is the cause of all the evil in the world. 

Please choose your option.

Are you with the left
Or are you with the right? 


It’s very important you make a choice. There’s two options. If you don’t choose one or the other that means you don’t care. 


This is one of the many hypnotic spells of mass manipulation and control. I’ll be sharing a few more of them in the next few weeks.


It’s absolutely amazing how many people are still caught up in the left/ right nonsense.
You really think there’s only two pre-programmed options?


Then once you choose your team your side’s pundits are given their daily “talking points”. They tell you what’s happening in the world, what to think, what to say, what to do about it, etc.


You must obey the program  to be a good teammate.

And be sure, whatever you do, not to think a single creative thought  for yourself.

Well guess what? I don’t choose either team! I’ve left the building. 


These labels don’t work anymore. 


There’s more than two binary options. In fact there is as many options, and ways of seeing things, and points of view, as there are people in the world. Imagine that! 


Be your own option. Be a free-thinking. open-hearted individual, who responds from a state of clarity, compassion  and presence, not mind control. 


The few that control the flow of information, called ‘news’ have got you fighting each other for scraps when the real meal is in the other room. 


Stop making the other team the enemy. They’re people just like you. They have the same hopes and aspirations as you do. They bleed just like you do. 


I see beauty and divinity in every person on the planet. I celebrate each of you in your uniqueness.


Are you leftwing or rightwing? 

You don’t need wings to learn how to fly.

To soar beyond our limiting beliefs we must learn to see and feel each other, and ourselves, beyond mental labels and categories.

Love, freedom & empowerment are where it’s at.

Thanks for being here.

-Brian Piergrossi

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