True Community is What Our Society is Lacking

True Community is what our society is lacking.

To grow & learn together. To struggle, succeed, & sometimes fail together, in shared purpose.

In sacred space, we step into a more empowered wholeness, of who really are, in deepening  communion with the universal creative intelligence that flows through all that is, also known as God.

I remember, one day, standing  in a circle of beautiful human beings, I realized a very simple truth. My eyes face outward! I’ve never, ever, actually seen myself.

However, when there’s a silent, stillness within, and when the heart is spacious and open,

I can literally, see myself through the reflection in the eyes of another.

Through the relationship with ‘the other’, we learn to see, honor & integrate all the parts of ourselves. That’s why we’re all here.

If anything is possible (and it is), what do we want to create?

It’s not a question we give a quick, intellectual answer to.

It’s a question we learn to live in together, moment by moment.

These are the spaces I’m dedicated to creating & participating in.

How about you?

– Brian Piergrossi

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