True Meaning of ‘Turn the Other Cheek’

We’ve all played the role of the victim and we’ve all played the role of the perpetrator thousands of times.

A fascinating thing happened in my consciousness some years back as a byproduct of my spiritual awakening and I somehow began to perceive the deeper energetics of a violent exchange between a victim and a perpetrator differently.

Through this new consciousness I saw that both the victim and the perpetrator are suffering. However, in almost every case I saw the perpetrator is actually suffering much more than the victim.

In order to intentionally inflict violence on another, one must be deeply disturbed, extremely lost, disempowered, disconnected, and incredibly out of alignment with their soul purpose.

However it is possible, and does happen on rare occasions for the victim, to be in a consciousness of fully empowered joy, love, and forgiveness during such a moment.

Here’s a few notable examples of many I could give.

Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. we’re all killed in a consciousness of fully empowered joy and forgiveness. Though there may (or may not) be pain on a

 physical level there was no suffering for these three on a soul level. Only joy, freedom, empowerment and forgiveness.

Jesus’s last words on the cross were “Forgive them for they know what they do”

On Ghandi’s last breath after his assassination he was reported to utter the name of God

MLK the night before he was assassinated:
I’ve been to the mountaintop…Like anybody, I would like to live a long life….But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will.. And I’m happy tonight.. I’m not fearing any man.” 

What is the pathway to full empowerment and freedom? 

What is the pathway to true compassion? 

I am not a Christian. Nor was Jesus.

Jesus was never interested in relaying a bunch of rules and commandments on how to live one’s life as the church does today.

He was interested in transmitting a consciousness that he had awakened to.

This is sometimes called ‘Christ Consciousness’

One of the most misunderstood sentences in all of history is  “Turn the other cheek”

It doesn’t mean one should identify as a disempowered victim, or a doormat.
Quite the opposite.  It means it’s possible to enter a consciousness of fully empowered joy and forgiveness regardless of who or what is being done to you, or around you. This is the great salvation.. and the freedom from suffering.

And It means there’s compassion for literally everyone as a natural reflection of one self.

-Brian Piergrossi

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